I’m coming home…I’m coming home… Tell the world I’m coming home…hihihi… So, as you can see from the title, today I came home!!!! Actually I’m studying and I live apart from my family..So, I really miss home…Before this when I came home, I’m really sick, so I can’t enjoy my holiday…I just need to stay at home only…That is why I’m soooo excited to come home today… So, basically the post today is about me coming home..hahaha…

My flight was at 8.00 a.m..and since the airport are quite far, so I need to went to the airport at 5.30 a.m. which was veryyyy earlyyyy…. my boyfriend sent me there… on the way there, he said to me to open the compartment in front of me..and he got me this..


Although it’s nothing much, but I really appreciate it.. I really love the quote on it..”I believe in you, you can do it!”..I really love this, since there are lot of big decision that I need to make nowadays, and I need a lot of encouragement…(^_^)

So, when we arrive at the airport, there are no more time for us to breakfast, as I need to check in immediately…He told me that I need to call him immediately after I arrive at the gate…So, when I arrived, I called him, and he told me that there are another surprise, and I need to check my bag..He successfully sneakily put it in my bag..I has no idea at all since I always carried that bag…


Again, it’s nothing like expensive stuff, but for me, I like this kind of stuff more than all those expensive stuff..because, I feel like this kind of gifts are more memorable and have more sentimental value to it..He has put all his thought and feelings in this card..so, that’s why I really love this.



Anddd…my flight delayed…But it’s ok, since it’s about safety and it’s only 30 minutes…The engineers need to do something first…


I’m coming home…I’m coming home…Tell the world I’m coming home… (^_^)


Safely arrived!!!!! Soooo happy to be coming back!! And after that my family took me to eat durians!! and that will be the next post..because it will be too long if I continue here..Soooo, goodbye for now!!Tata….  (^_^)