If you had gone for a college, you might have an experienced becoming a practical employee at any big organizations. Its is part of the curriculum that we need to fulfill in order to graduate, and the duration of the practical is depending on the college itself. Becoming a practical students, we must have some kind of expectations. However, in reality, it wasn’t like we expect it to be.

  1. Having a personal space. Becoming a practical employee, we might have a dream that we will get at least our own desk, chair, computer, and etc. But the reality is, we might even need to share that space with other practical employee.
  2. Having real work. We might expecting that we will be doing some kind of real work that  will actually contribute to the organization. Also, we might dream that we will learn a lot on how to do the real work in an organization which will be good for our career development. However, the reality might not be like that. Some of us really been asked to do really minor work such as cutting the paper, sorting the file, photostatting and printing the document.
  3. Going back home on time. Since being a practical employee doesn’t get any pay, or if any, a really low pay, you might expecting that you will go back on time which is 5 p.m. in the evening. However, the reality might not be like that although most of the day you might be able to go back home on time. Sometimes if the organization got any event to be held, you might need to stay there to blow up the balloon, to make the tentative of the event, or even arranging the table for the event.
  4. Get full assistance from the permanent employee to do the work. Some organization might be good to their practical employees and really think that they should give real work to their practical employees so that the practical employees can learn something after they finish their practical. So, when we get such important work, we will be happy and really expecting them to teach and assist us on how to do the job. However, sometimes the permanent employee are too busy in order to assist us on the job, so its becoming very hard for us to do that job because of lack of knowledge and information about the job. For example, if we need to do a budget on anything, we need to have the full knowledge on how to do it and have all the information that we need to include in that budget.

However, just to remind you that not all organizations are like this. Some really assist their practical employee and treat them the same as the permanent employee. After completing the practical training, some organization even offered their practical employee to become the permanent employee at the organization.

So, do you ever have any experience becoming a practical employee? How does it feels like? Feel free to share your experience as a practical employee in the comment section. (^_^)