mini graduation cap on rolled up cash

We need education in order to work and gain money. But we need money in order to get an education. What an amazing cycle it is! So, because we still doesn’t work yet when we want to enter college, the amount of money that we have are very limited. Often, the money are from our parents or from scholarship. So, we need to save that money to be use throughout all the semesters that we will have in college. But how? So, listed below are several ways that you can try in order to save money in college.

  1. Don’t need to buy new textbooks. You will be using that particular textbooks only for one semester. So, don’t waste your money to buy a new textbooks. Instead, ask your senior to sell their books to you. Secondhand books cost much lower, sometimes half the price of the new books.
  2. Limit eating out. You should learn to say “NO” to your friends when they asked you to eat outside.It doesn’t mean that you cannot eat outside at all with your friends. However, you should try to limit it. Also, you should try to resist yourself from eating out.
  3. Use public transport. If your accommodation or your rented house are near to your college, then you should forgo having a car while in college. This is because, having a car can have a very big impact on your total expenses. When you have a car, you are not only need to pay for the gas, but also for the parking and even unexpected car repairs.
  4. Choose housing really carefully. If your college doesn’t prepare an accommodation for you, then you should rent a house. So, you should choose your housing really carefully. You can consider the house that located near to your college, cheap, and safe. Also, you can live with your friend and split the rent.
  5. Avoid doing grocery shopping while hungry. What will happen when you enter a restaurant when you are hungry and you look at the menu? You feel like you want to eat everything, but in the end, one plate is enough to satisfy your hunger. The same concept apply when you are doing a grocery shopping. If you do grocery shopping while you are hungry, everything look very appetizing to you. So, eat first before you do your grocery shopping.
  6. Divide the total money that you have for your whole semester. If you received the money to be used for the whole semester, from the scholarship for example, divide those money in accordance with how many months that you got for that particular semester. That is the total amount of money that you can spend for each month and stick with that rule!
  7. Avoid spending money on weekend. Instead of going out for shopping or watching movies during the weekend, how about doing other activities that are cheaper or doesn’t even need any money to be use such as taking a walk at the park or beach, and reading a book.
  8. Don’t apply for credit card unless you really need to. Credit card are one of the main reasons that drive the percentage of bankruptcy among young people to be high. However, if you really need to have them to prepare for the emergency for example, then you should choose the one with the lowest interest rate, no annual fees and with only enough credit limit to get you by in an emergency.
  9. Shops which offer student discount are your best friend. Look for the shop that offer special discount for the students. You really can save your money over there.
  10. Study your expenses. You should save each and every receipt that you get and log the amount in your notebook. If you doesn’t get receipt for certain kind of purchases, then you should log that amount also in your notebook. Then, study your expenses. You will know where the big portion of your money has gone and how much money that you have wasted on unnecessary purchases.

So, as you can see, there are many ways that you can do in order to save your money when you are in college without having to skip your meals. Meals are very important in order for us to focus in our study. So, good luck with your study!