How to be Productive

It is not an easy task to be a productive person. Sometimes, you are trying to be productive by making a ‘to do list’, wake up early, sleep early, and etc. But in my case, it usually will last me for 2 to 3 days, at most. After that, I continue back my old routine that is not productive. So , the tips that I’m going to share here is what I always do to stay productive. I don’t want to share about making planner, do ‘to do list’, and etc, (because you all know about that already) but what I really do in my life to stay productive. ¬†Although I might not be too productive, but at least I manage to get all my job done on time.


So, my first tips to be productive is make sure that there are enough light inside your house, or your room, doesn’t matter where you are. This is what I always do. Because if your room or house are practically dark, it will increase the probability of you getting sleepy and lying on the bed for the whole day, and no job or task being done. Having enough light always make me become more energized to do all the task that needed to be done that particular day, and I hope it will work for you too.

Secondly, make sure that you take a bath/shower early everyday, including during your weekend. This is because, by taking a shower early means that you are starting your day early. This will make you feel fresh and energized to start your day and doing things that you need to do that particular day. If not, for me, if I don’t take a shower early, I will stay on my bed, playing with my phone, until I become hungry then only I wake up..Hahaha..

Thirdly and my last tips is do some physical exercises in the morning after you wake up. If you are not into exercising that much, then at least you should do some stretching to loosen up your muscles. This work for me because when I do some stretching in the morning, I also succeeded to shake off my laziness that day, and become more energized to do the tasks.

So, that is all the tips on how to become a productive person in my perspective. I would love to know what did you do in order to stay productive. Feel free to comment down below. (^_^)

My Study Tips

If you search on Google, of course there will be a lot of post regarding study tips. But today, I want to write about my OWN study tips. Basically, this is the way that I study especially during my foundation, up until now when I’m pursuing Master. However, different people have different methods or ways of study. But, maybe you can adopt some of this and try to adapt it to your study routine..hihihi.. ¬†(^_^)

  • Read before learn that topic in class. Usually, if I have plenty of time, I will read that topic first before class. However, let’s face the reality. We have soooo many subjects and sooooo many things to do, and each chapter usually veryyyy long… haha…Only if I has sooo many free time that I will read throughly, and do the notes first before class.. But usually, and this is what I always do is that, I always scan through the topic before class. Look at what the topic is all about, and what you will learn in that topic. Get the overall outline of that topic first. Trust me, when your teacher or lecturer teach you about that topic, you will understand it better.
  • Don’t write the slide during lecture. I’m the type of person who cannot do more than one thing at the same time. So, If I write what I see on the slide while my lecturer are teaching, then I will miss the lecturers’ explanation on that topic. So, what I always do is that I only write additional info or mark what is important only when my lecturer are teaching. By doing this, you will get to know what is actually important and you can understand it better. Plus, all the things on the slide are in the book anyway.
  • Don’t memorize, but understand. Usually, this is the one that students do wrong. We tend to memorizing it, but not understand it. It is very important to understand about that particular topic. So, if the question in the exam needed some critical thinking, you can answer it. This is because, when you understand that topic, you can see the bigger picture of it.
  • Don’t sleep late the day before exam. This is because, your brain need to function well during exam. In order to function well, your brain need a proper rests. So, give your brain a proper rest so that we can think when answering questions.

So, this is my study tips for all of you. I hope that it will help you to study for your examination. Good luck!!  (^_^)